Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2009 Launch

We, (myself and my brand new partner), are excited to re-open "Your Name in a Frame" for 2009! I would like to welcome MSR to the YNIAF team! Not only is she my fabulous aunt, she is also one savvy business woman. I am thrilled to have her making YNIAF happen this year.

We are also are excited to launch this new product for 2009...

Your Baby's Name in a Frame
We hope this will be perfect for her nursery!
*Contact us for specific "babyfied" letters.*

Thanks to traveling all over the East Coast over the Christmas season, in 2009 we have a widened variety of new letters! Order a print and play around with various versions until you find just what suites your style.

Here's 2009's new "R" that I especially love. Any true Southerner can appreciate this...

Our creative juices are flowing and with MSR making it happen we say...
"Cheers to the 2009 Launch!"

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Scott and Jessica said...

Yea! Welcome back! I am so excited you got this to work out! :)